Who is FunQuest for?

All children aged 5-16 years in the local area, including towns and villages are welcome to attend our events, subject to booking and conditions. 

What kind of events do FunQuest run?

Activities to date have included swimming, jewellery making workshops, bush craft activity days, climbing walls, sports sessions, cartoon workshops, raft building, lantern making, photography, cookery and theatre workshops.

We often work as a team or in partnership with other organisations.  We aim to provide around 24 events or activities spread throughout each year, with emphasis on school and bank holidays.

Where does the money come from?

FunQuest is run by volunteers.  We apply for funding from local and national organisations to run our events and fund our play leader.  Successful bids have included applications to Awards for All, Grassroots, Tesco, DCSF Play Builder and New Forest District Council.   We have also attracted donations from local individuals, businesses, organisations and the Parish Council.

How do we run our events?

FunQuest employs a play leader who organises the activities, the play leader runs the activities supported by trustees, committee members and volunteers, although some events are provided by other local organisations.

Are all events in Damerham?

Generally we run events in the local community popular venues include Damerham Village hall, Sandleheath Scout Hall and the Sportsfield in Damerham.  Sometimes we may travel to venues that offer specialised activities such as Parkour in Poole and Rafting at Avon Tyrell.

How do I book an event?

Unless an event is stated to be a 'drop in' session you will be required to book a place for all particpants in advance.  This can be done through our booking system Eventbrite, notifications will be sent via Mailchimp to our database and also posted on Facebook.

What should I do if my child/ren are unable to attend after booking a place/s?

Please tell us asap either via Eventbrite, email or facebook message.  We often have a waiting list for events so places can re-allocated if cancelled.


  • There is a £3 to £5 suggested donation per child for each event; this small donation helps us run events for you so please make a contribution at each session if you can.
  • Please ensure that your child is fit and well to take part in our events; it's no fun if you're feeling poorly and spreads bugs to others.

  • Age guides are given as this is the minimum age we anticipate enjoying an event, however for those on the cusp of a minimum recommended age please use your discretion as you know your child best. When an age is given as, for example, “Strictly age 8+” no children outside of this age range will be able participate.

  • Please note that all children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult throughout our events. Children aged 8 and over can be left at our events provided they are signed in and out by a responsible adult and a contact number is given.

  • Participants must follow the instructions given by our leaders and volunteers at all times. Failure to do so or inappropriate behaviour may result in children being unable to attend future events.

  • If an event is marked as "fully booked" we usually operate a waiting list; if you would like to be added to this list please follow the relevant link and enter your details, if a place becomes available we will be in touch.

If you are unable to attend an event for any reason please let us know by emailing us at info@funquest.org.uk so that someone else can come along instead.

Acceptable Behaviour

For everyone's safety and well-being at our events, we expect all participants to behave appropriately and follow instructions at all times.

It is important to us that everyone enjoys themselves and takes part in the activities to the best of their abilities. We will not tolerate inappropriate or disruptive behaviour.

Repeatedly failing to follow instructions, put others at risk or disruption of events will result in individuals being unable to attend FunQuest events in the future.

We really do appreciate any feedback you have, and welcome your ideas on future activities you would like to see FunQuest organising. Just send us an email, or join our group on facebook to have your say.

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